Conditions of Use

Order Process

How does the ordering process take place?

  • The process begins by searching a certain book and choosing it by adding it to the shopping cart through clicking on "Add to Cart"
  • The shopping cart containing the desired book appears alongside with all the details concerning the order
  • The process is terminated by clicking on “Checkout” on the bottom of the shopping cart
  • You are then transferred to the next page containing all the desired details

How can I check if my order was done successfully?

  • A message of the invoice will be sent to your personal email.

I have placed an order but didn’t receive a message on my e-mail, why?

  • It appears that you have entered a wrong email address, in this case please send an email through ”contact us” containing your name, address and phone number and the email address era will be corrected.

How can I edit the contents of the shopping cart before submitting my order?

  • To change the desired quantity of a book, navigate to the shopping cart and change the number in the quantity field and then click “Checkout”
  • To remove a book from the shopping cart, click “X”

How can I confirm my submitted order?

  • A confirming message will be sent to your email address as soon as we receive the order, providing you with its number for follow up

The book that I want is unavailable, what do I do?

  • You can order the non-available books on the website through a message on “contact us” containing the name of the book, the author and the publishing house, and we will notify you if the book is available within 48 hours.

I found the book that I am searching for but the cover photo differs from the one I know.

  • In this case the book is printed by a different publishing house, or is a different copy.

Payment method

  • Payments made on Alfurat online website through credit cards (Master or VISA card)

  • The card must be valid and not out of date.

  • All transactions are in USD.

  • "Alfurat for Publishing and Distribution" uses SSL System in payments and purchase in order to protect an information regarding the purchase and therefore “Alfurat” doesn’t have any access to see the credit card number, as the process takes place immediately with the bank that verifies the entered data.

  • Refund:
    • The order can be canceled within 24 hours. (The customer handles the refund fees).

    • If the book was not available. (Alfurat handles the refund fees)
1 x شخصية مصر 4/1
1 x تاريخ سينا القديم والحديث وجغرافيتها مع خلاصة تاريخ مصر والشام والعراق وجزيرة العرب
1 x الروضة البهية الزاهرة في خطط المعربة القاهرة
1 x السودان المأزق التاريخي وآفاق المستقبل
2 x في البدء كانت مصر
1 x الحملة الصليبية الخامسة حملة جان دي برين على مصر
1 x أصوات من مصر القديمة
1 x مختارات من شخصية مصر 1
1 x الحملة الفرنسية في مصر بونابرت والإسلام
1 x خبايا القاهرة
1 x Mohamed Aly et L'Europe
1 x L'Egypte Sous Le Regne De Barsbay 825 - 841 / 1422 - 1438
1 x مضيق تيران في ضوء أحكام القانون الدولي ومبادئ معاهدة السلام
1 x المنهل العذب تاريخ طرابلس الغرب
1 x الأعمال الكاملة 10 برقة الدولة العربية الثامنة ليبيا 1948 (وثيقة رسمية) ليبيا من الإستعمار الإيطالي إلى الإستقلال
1 x تاريخ مصر من خلال مخطوطة تاريخ البطاركة 10/1
1 x من مباهج الفكر ومناهج العبر
1 x تاريخ طرابلس الغرب
1 x كل رجال الباشا
1 x أنوار علوي الأجرام في الكشف عن أسرار الأهرام
1 x ليبيا منذ الفتح العربي حتى سنة 1911
2 x فجر الضمير
1 x الجماهيرية العربية الليبية الشعبية الإشتراكية العظمى
1 x مجمل تاريخ دمياط سياسيا وإقتصاديا
1 x الأولياء والصالحون والإسلام في السودان
2 x الرفق بالحيوان في مصر عبر التاريخ
1 x مصر القديمة